LEED Certified

LEED Certified Construction

Specializing in LEED Building Projects

VIRTEXCO is pleased to serve customers throughout the Richmond and Hampton Roads, VA areas with specialized green building services. We take pride in helping our local building industry lead the way in terms of the efficient use of our resources and environmental stewardship. Having been working to protect our resources and reduce our waste stream as a construction company for nearly 40 years, we are happy that this work can now be quantified through LEED and Green Globe certifications.


Uniquely Qualified in LEED and Green Building

At VIRTEXCO, we are proud to have 9 LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) on our staff, and we have completed 18 LEED-certified facilities since the standard was introduced 15 years ago. Though we use the associated environmental best practices in all of our projects, we excel in delivering on our customers’ requests for LEED certifications. We routinely use the simple practices of waste diversion and the use of regional and low VOC materials with our construction projects, so qualifying for LEED and Green Globe certifications is a natural extension of our regular operations.

Helping Our Customers Save Money

In addition to demonstrating that their companies are a good steward of the environment, LEED certifications also help our customers qualify for an ever-expanding range of local, state, and federal government incentives. This means that LEED certifications deliver financial benefits beyond those gained through the reduced energy and resource usage associated with green building practices. As these standards and regulations continue to develop and expand, our staff is committed to remaining at the forefront of LEED and green building in our local area.