Design/Build Services at VIRTEXCO

Traditional approaches to construction projects, also known as design/bid/build, involve a discreet design phase which is separate from the build phase. With such projects, a full design for the project is created, finalized, and then bid upon by contractors, meaning there is no opportunity for the contractor to collaborate with the design team in the event of unforeseen issues during construction. Design/build projects differ in design and construction phases overlap, and the design/build contractor oversees both the design and construction teams. This helps to ensure everyone works together to adapt designs to problems that arise on the job site, fostering innovation, speeding up project delivery, and saving the project owner money.

Our Design/Build Expertise

As a design/build construction company, we have been specializing in the design/build project delivery model for almost 20 years, acting as a single source of responsibility and a single point of contact for our project owners. Our longstanding relationships with some of the best architects in our region have helped us provide the highest levels of quality and precision in dozens of completed design/build projects. We have served as a design/build firm for a wide range of public and private clients, completing construction of medical facilities, historic preservation, recreational facilities, educational facilities, and many others.

Design/Build Fosters Customer Satisfaction

The VIRTEXCO approach to construction is centered around promoting customer satisfaction in all ways possible, and we believe design/build is a fantastic project delivery model for creating the best results. Because we are the client’s single point of contact for these projects, we are able to deliver clear communication while ensuring everyone involved in the design and construction are cooperating and collaborating. Our experience and expertise enables us to complete design/build projects with greater speed, efficiency, and quality at lower costs as compared with more traditional design/bid/build projects. This has led to dozens of satisfied customers over the years, and we are excited to continue to lead our local industry in design/build construction for many years to come.