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VIRTEXCO Corporation was founded in 1976, with the belief that we treat our people and our clients with respect. We wanted to be different and be a leader in our industry. "Lead by example" was our motto.

Confidence and intensity were our hallmarks. We knew our clients wanted a quality job, on time, in a safe environment, and we wanted to earn a fair profit for our efforts.

From the beginning, our people have been our greatest strength. We still put more emphasis on cultivating and retaining our people's skills and talents than any other corporate function. We know we are a leader in our industry in this area and that our people are one of our strongest assets.

Respect and concern for the well-being of our employees has always been a high priority. Our commitment and open communication with them encourages and reinforces our people to become committed to building long-term relationships with owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors.

Our passion is to perfect a building process that we all can be proud of at the end of each day.